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William Howells

William Howells

William Howells, novelista norteamericano, nació en 1837 en Ohio y murió en 1920. Fue cónsul en Venecia, experiencia que se refleja en las obras Venetian Life e Italian Journeys.

Entre sus novelas destacan: Their Wedding Journey, The Lady of Aroostook, The Undiscovered Country, A Modern Instance, Indian Summer e A Hazard of New Fortunes, que ponen de relieve los efectos de su acercamiento al socialismo y realismo social.

Escribió, además, varios estudios críticos, a saber: Criticism and Fiction, My Literary Passions e Literature and Life, así como algunos dramas.

Obras destacadas

Their Wedding Journey, 1871
A Chance Acquaintance, 1873
A Foregone Conclusion, 1875
A Modern Instance, 1882
The Rise of Silas Lapham, 1885
Indian Summer (1886)
The Shadow of a Dream, 1890
The Day of Their Wedding, 1895
A Traveller from Altruria, 1892-3
The Whole Family: a Novel by Twelve Authors

Otras obras

A Counterfeit Presentment (1877)
The Lady of the Aroostook (1879)
The Undiscovered Country (1880)
A Fearful Responsibility (1881)
Dr. Breen’s Practice (1881)
A Woman’s Reason (1883)
Three Villages (1884)
Tuscan Cities (1885)
The Minister’s Charge (1886)
Annie Kilburn (1887/88)
Modern Italian Poets (1887)
April Hopes (1888)
Criticism and Fiction (1891)
The World of Chance (1893)
The Coast of Bohemia (1893)
My Year In a Log Cabin (1893)
The Story of a Play (1898)
Ragged Lady (1899)
Their Silver Wedding Anniversary (1899)
The Flight of Pony Baker (1902)
The Kentons (1902)
Questionable Shapes (1903)
Son of Royal Langbrith (1904)
London Films (1905)
Certain Delightful English Towns (1906)
Between the Dark and the Daylight (1907)
Through the Eye of the Needle, A Romance (1907)
Heroines of Fiction (1908)
My Mark Twain: Reminiscences (1910)
New Leaf Mills (1913)
Seen and Unseen at Stratford-on-Avon: A Fantasy (1914)
The Leatherwood God (1916)

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